Our Features

Need a better option than Google Docs, handwritten notes or complicated
software? We’ve got you covered.

CaseNotes is cloud-based, encrypted, & compatible with smart phones so you can access your notes securely from anywhere, anytime.

Our focus is searchable, sortable, easy-to-read narrative notes so you can tell your client’s story and update your case.

Each organization can create its own tags so you can track and sort what’s important for your personal needs.

Our side bar provides upcoming dates, an at-a-glance rundown and contact information for a quick and easy overview.

Our Story

In 2017 Lauren was traveling the country providing free legal services to communities in need. Jourdan, a tech whiz, was subletting her apartment in Brooklyn and looking for a way to make an impact in the world. While on the road Lauren saw the lack of affordable and simple software for the organizations she partnered with. She wanted to create a solution so that workers wouldn't have to rely on google docs, excel spreadsheets, and handwritten notes to track their client's successes and manage work across teams. After sketching her ideas on paper, she reached out to Jourdan to help develop CaseNotes.

As we've been creating the software, however, we've realized that CaseNotes is for anyone who takes notes on humans, which is pretty much everyone we know. From small business owners to entrepreneurs, grant managers and school counselors, CaseNotes is a simple solution for individuals, families and teams. We can't wait to launch and see what YOU can do with our software.