Shivani Lawyer

How did you come up with the idea for CaseNotes?

Our founder, Lauren, has worked directly with humans for over ten years. As a non profit founder, a law school professor, an attorney,and college counselor, she could never find a workable way to document her conversations and meetings that didn't cost an arm and a leg or was way too complicated for her needs. On a volunteer cross country road trip in 2017 she saw she wasn't the only one searching for a solution so she decided to make one herself. Having no tech background, and drawing all her ideas on folded napkins, she called up her subletter Jourdan, who also happened to be a graduate of Connecticut College where Lauren got her degree, and together they got to work! One year later, after countless hours on the phone, dozens of conversations with potential users, and three beta rounds, CaseNotes was born!

Glorp, Alien

Who is Glorp?

We're glad you asked! On her road trip Lauren visited the Ghost Lights of Marfa, Texas and picked up a hitchhiker named Glorp. Over some delicious tacos and through some hand gesturing when human-language failed, Lauren learned that Glorp's planet is eyeing earth as a possible place to conquer in the coming future. Lauren noticed that Glorp kept his notes stashed around his spaceship in the most disorganized way and, hoping to befriend him and assuage his desire for inter-galactic domination, she allowed him to help her create what would become CaseNotes.

Em, Entrepreur

How Secure Is CaseNotes?

Here at CaseNotes we take every approach to ensure the highest level of safeguards for you and your work. This includes periodic security audits, two sided encryption models, and utilizing HIPAA recommended checklists for further safeguards such as access control, and authorization monitoring. Finally, CaseNotes leverages Amazon Web Services, which received the highest possible security rating from the Feds in 2016.


Can I upload documents, integrate with google calendar, or use voice recording?

We are really excited to explore the possibility of getting these features, (and more!), on board as CaseNotes develops. While we have some ideas in the works we wanted to get our software to market as soon as possible as our beta users were clamoring to get to use this for real! If you have ideas as to features you want to see in the next iteration of CaseNotes email us at info@getcasenotes.com

kathy social worker

Do you offer your services free for non profits?

Before creating CaseNotes Lauren worked exclusively with and for non profit organizations and academic institutions. Rather than have Non Profits jump through hoops and fill out applications, CaseNotes was created to be extremely cost effective for EVERYONE, meaning it's a snap for non profits to get on board. That being said, CaseNotes offers free subscriptions to organizations which were a part of our beta process, and we hope to create funding and grant opportunities as we grow. By choosing CaseNotes you truly are choosing a company dedicated to bettering the world for all.

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