Our Story

In 2017 our founder Lauren was traveling the country providing free legal services out of a van and saw the need for simple and affordable software for attorneys and social workers in non profit settings. Drawing on her ten years in the social sector, as well as her own dislike of overly complicated systems, she reached out to Jourdan (who was subletting her apartment while she was on the road!) and together they got to work.

As they crafted the software (Ok it's really Lauren drawing pictures on napkins and Jourdan staying up all night writing the code) they realized that their simple platform could be customized to suit almost anyone's needs. During beta testing CaseNotes was used (and loved!) by entrepreneurs and dog trainers, human resource managers and VC managers, and now it's ready for you.

Our Team

Lauren Burke

Lauren Burke

Lauren Burke is an award winning serial social entrepreneur, a Forbes 30 under 30 lawyer, and a lover of broadway musicals. Since graduating from NYU School of Law in 2009, Lauren has held a wide-variety of public interest roles including law professor, legal manager at a domestic violence center, and the founder and Executive Director of Atlas: DIY. Lauren spent most of 2017 traveling the U.S. providing free immigration legal services in rural and resource-poor areas of the U.S. during which time she not only became inspired to create CaseNotes, but also rescued her now instagram famous (in her eyes) pup, Rockstar.

Lauren is a Skadden Fellow, and Echoing Green Fellow, a member of the Dreamers and Doers female entrepreneur community, and an advisor to the Women and People of Color Speakers Initiative. Her works as a lawyer as been featured in the NYTimes, on NPR, and in two documentary films. She now lives in Western Mass where she is trying to get Rockstar and her cat Pumpkin to be friends.


Jourdan Perez

Jourdan Perez is an entrepreneur, world traveler, DJ, and soccer coach (just to name a few). He has been working in tech since graduating from Connecticut College in 2012 and has held positions and responsibilities across almost every level of the industry. From working in Fidi, NYC for global companies, to grinding out a self-made consulting firm with the help of his 2 partners, Jourdan has experienced the ins-and-outs of a variety of businesses and products and is often leveraged to build a cross-functional bridge between the technology team, operations, and the executive team. Jourdan has experience using AWS Services, leveraging Serverless framework, and is versed in SQL, Angular 2, Node.js, C#, HTML5, and CSS to name a few. He currently resides in Long Island, NY where he continues to drop the dopest beats around and shape the next Mia Hamm or Leo Messi.

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