Why CaseNotes?

Want a simple, affordable, and secure way to take notes on the people you work with? Of course you do! That's why we created CaseNotes.
friendly interface

Our familiar, friendly interface familiar, puts users at ease and you'll be using the platform in minutes. Lauren's non-techie mom approved!

Narrative Notes

Our focus is searchable, sortable, easy to read narrative notes , so you can keep track of conversations, meetings, and appointments with all your humans.

Across Teams

Our narrative platform allows you to share information across teams so you know who took the note and when!

Side bar

Our side bar keeps must-have info front and center and our sticky notes never fall off!

Customizable Tag

Finally, our customizable tag based system means YOU decide what you want to track, making sorting cases for reporting and analysis a breeze.

Compliant Servers

We use HIPPA compliant servers, two-sided encryption models, periodic security audits and more to ensure your information is private, secure, and for your team's eyes only.

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